Diablo Furnaces is dedicated to producing heat-treating furnaces that meet the needs of our customers without costing a fortune.


Diablo has a unique history that started with the closing of a regional furnace maker in Northern Illinois. When they closed their doors, Machine Tool Builders, the parent company of Diablo Furnaces, decided to open a new branch of their business. This is how we were born. Re-employing many of the original workers of the original furnace maker, we began our business with a veteran team of skilled engineers and long-time heat treating industry experts. With this foundation, we began to innovate new approaches to custom furnace design and evangelize the name of Diablo to manufacturers all over the globe.


Diablo now holds an unprecedented place in the market as one of the only heat treating solution providers in the United States able to complete custom furnace design. Keeping our costs low and working with both new and rebuilt furnace equipment, Diablo has an extensive portfolio of high-profile customers with whom we work on project and ongoing bases to provide reliable heat treating solutions and services. At Diablo, we have chosen to focus on two things for our customers: affordability and customization. Our team of industry veterans and engineers knows what it takes to build a heat treating solution that will meet the demands of any job at a price you can afford.

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