As experts in building and machine design, we also offer options to retrofit and rebuild equipment, either on your floor or at our manufacturing facility. Depending on the equipment and SOW, our team will determine the best solution that meets your requirements and budget. For all rebuilds, we work with our customers to ensure that any modified equipment is brought up to code and signed off on.

For many of our customers, legacy equipment still serves them well, and buying a new furnace is not necessary. In these cases, we advise rebuilding as an affordable and customizable option. Our team of heat-treating experts rarely sees an older system that they cannot rebuild or retrofit.

At Diablo, we segment rebuilds into (1) basic equipment and (2) component blocks:

  • Shell
  • Heating source/combustion system
  • Safeties and updates
  • Heating Chamber Insulation media
  • Quench tank or cooling chamber
  • Doors and elevators
  • Transfer system
  • Controls

Rebuilding applies to all types of equipment, including pit, endo generators, tempers, IQFs, car bottoms, washers, roller hearths and rotary hearths. If you have a piece of heat-treating equipment or system that you think may be a candidate for a rebuild, we can help you determine the best option for optimization.


Diablo handles various retrofits of all heat treating equipment. The range of retrofits include:

  • Modification to Heating/Combustion System: Electric-to-Gas or Gas-to-Electric
  • Refractory work of all types
  • Door Retrofits
  • Safety
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Control Upgrades, New electronic components
  • Installations
  • Many more

For all types of equipment from pit, endo generators, tempers, IQFs, car bottoms, washers, roller hearths, rotary hearths, and other.

To learn more about our rebuilding/retrofitting division, contact our team of experts today!


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